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09-11 2023

printer main control chip loongson 2p0500 comes out

in september 2023, loongson technology completed the preliminary development of the printer main control chip—loongson 2p0500.

ls2p0500 is a main control soc chip designed for the control system of single/multi-function printers and is the core controlling component in printing and scanning devices. this chip is used for print data reception, parsing, and processing; print engine control; timing control scanning; data scanning; image processing; motor control, etc. the chip employs heterogeneous cpu topology, incorporating one la364 core and two la132 cores, along with a 512kb shared l2 cache. it integrates various functional modules (such as ddr3, gmac, otg, usb, print interfaces, scanning interfaces, image units, pmio, ad/da, emmc, sdio, spi, and pwm) and a power management and control module. thus, the chip has wide application in printing, scanning, copying, and other typical scenarios.

test results showed that all functions of the ls2p0500 are normal, with performance, power consumption, and reliability meeting expectations and requirements. loongson technology collaborates with multiple domestic mainstream printer manufacturers to meet the needs of various application scenarios such as printing, scanning, and copying. some prototypes are undergoing system testing by related manufacturers and are planned for trial production in small batches in the near future.

loongson technology will complete the productization of the ls2p0500 by the end of 2023. it will keep delving into the field of printer chips and enhancing its cost performance and market competitiveness through series production and other complementary measures.

prototype images