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07-07 2022

international mainstream product information management specification smbios incorporates loongarch

recently, the distributed management task force (dmtf) announced that the smbios specification would support loongarch. hence, loongarch has become another independent cpu instruction set architecture (isa) supported by smbios, following x86, arm, and risc-v, and the information about fundamental hardware developed on the loongarch platform will be uniformly displayed in a standardized format.

smbios — mainstream standard specification

system management bios (smbios) is a unified specification that motherboard or system manufacturers follow to display product management information in a standard format. since its release in 1995, more than two billion client/server systems have adopted this standard for hardware information management, making it a mainstream specification in the information industry. the standards formulated by loongson technology based on loongarch have now been incorporated in the latest smbios specification (version 3.6.0).

unifying and promoting the loongson ecosystem

support for loongarch will contribute to the standardization and promotion of the loongson ecosystem.

building an open ecosystem

first, for an independent cpu isa, recognition by international organizations and entry into global mainstream standards will contribute to an open loongarch ecosystem.

providing verifiable cpu ids

second, a unified standard will provide verifiable cpu ids for pcb and host manufacturers, as well as upstream developers in open-source communities that develop ip cores based on loongarch. it will thus create a unified identity for loongarch cpus and their basic firmware.

expanding the influence of loongarch

furthermore, after being accepted by the smbios organization, loongarch will become more influential among developers worldwide, making its way to a broader group of people.